"James Comey says most police officers are overwhelmingly good people"
- WSJ headline


Is that like one of these response time criteria - "40% of all calls
99% of the time on Wednesdays" - WTF does that mean?

Or like TRS coverage - 90/90 coverage - WTF does that really mean? -
90% of the area 90% of the time - which is it? - is at actually 80% of
the area 99% of the time - and then 20% of the area just on Tuesday


It just came to me what Comey said - "51% of cops are good 52% of the time"

If you multiply .51 X .52 you get .25

So Comey said that cops are good 25% of the time - what a sly devil


As I was typing this up, all of my windows closed, and there was a
thump from the apt upstairs.

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