this might sound weird - but here we go

What if the whole Boston Marathon deal was a hit on Collier? Maybe he
pissed someone off. Maybe he had info on the Waltham murders.

Unanswered questions -

why did no one question the cockroaches after the waltham murders?

why did the fbi blow off 2 letters from russian security?

how did the cockroach find a boat to hide in?

why did no one check the boat?

why did the fbi delay the release of the photos for so long?

why was collier sitting alone in a parked cruiser?

why did no one respond when Collier was shot?

who robbed the store in Central Square wearing a cowboy hat?

did reddit have photos of both bombers at Boylston at Hereford as they
fled the scene?


re fbi delay of photos - what was the story on that? - I know there
was a followup story but I cant remember the details. Lets see what
Wikipedia has to say.

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