you can ignore all pf the rest


you can ignore all of the rest


just talking to myself


I am really not sure what they are talking about

at 1 point they say the stations are not manned at night and on weekends

on the other hand they say the ambulance has 1 person on duty 24/7/365

Maybe they are trying to say that only 1 person is in 1 station at
night and on weekends - and weekdays there are 10 people in the

they have 32 call men but they might not get very much action

the chief proposed that they go to 12 hour coverage in both stations 7
days per week

maybe they would have very good luck by combining the police and fire
departments - and using the DPW as call firefighters - and requiring
all workers to live in Lynnfield

it looks like they are paying out $700K for call FFs now - that could
buy them 7 more FT FF - they have 8 FT people now per - if
they add 7 FT they would have 15 FT people - that could almost provide
4 platoons of 4 people each - which would give 2 people in each
station 24/7/365 - that would not be too bad

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