another save story - will chiefs soon be asked to justify why they
dont have pulsepoint?

the current situation in the USA is - 500,000 people have "out of
hospital" cardiac arrests annually - only 5,000 are saved - this is
predicated on the "BLS in 4 minutes - ALS in 8 minutes" response time
goals that are promulgated by the American Heart Association or
someone (maybe NFPA)

I am not sure how many people learn CPR - I think that some states
require that all high school students learn CPR

Nearly everyone has a cellphone however there is no nationwide system
to send alerts about nearby "small scale" emergencies

In the movie Blazing Saddles the Governor shouted "we have to save our
phoney baloney jobs"

The US economy is moving away from manual labor to service jobs - the
rich have been getting filthy rich

Big city police might not respond to CPR calls in some cities -
suburban police probably do moreso

2012 approx NFPA study - average dispatch time for fire/ems is 1 to
1.5 minutes - average turnout / chute time is 1 to 1.5 minutes - so
even if a CPR case happens right in front of a fire station - it might
take 3 minutes for anyone to help

auto defibs planted in peoples chests seem to have a 100% save rate -
after 2 minutes of down time - save rate falls to 20% - maybe

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