update - fecal containment system info on page 2-59

update - per info around page 118 of 144 - the radio system flow
diagram looks like this - Suit 2 >> 279.0 FM >> Suit 1 >> 259.7 AM >>
Lunar Module >> S band >> Houston >> S band >> Lunar Module >> 296.8
AM >> Suit 1 and 2

also - Suit 2 monitors both 259.7 and 296.8

note that Suit 2 transmits to Suit 1 which then relays a combined
signal from Suit 2 and Suit 1 to the Lunar Module

the signals were a combination of data and voice - all transmitters
transmitted continuously

they were combining voice and date on 1 carrier - and they combined
the signals from both suits and forwarded it to the Lunar Module - so
it was a double whammy combined signal when it reached the Lunar

essentially they are using a MO3 in Suit 1 AND a FB2T in the Lunar
Module (using the terminology found in the FCC ULS - sorta)


the TV signal - I dont know - that must have been on a different
system - maybe was a chord connected directly to the S band
transmitter on the Lunar Module - probably the magazine article
addresses that

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