I have told this story before - hopefully it is better this time

Here is a simple explanation about repeaters

Lets say that Barney is in a dumpster at the rear of Moes Bar. Lets
say that Moe is in the street at the front of the bar. Lets also say
that Bart and Homer are on the roof of the bar.

Barney wants another beer. He yells up to Bart - "I want another beer"
 - Bart writes a note to Homer that says "Barney just said "I want
another beer"" - Homer yells down to Moe - "Barney said "I want
another beer"

Moe hears the message and says "Tell rubadub to ship off" - Bart
writes a note to Homer that says "Moe just said "Tell rubadub to ship
off"" - Homer yells down to Barney - "Moe said "Tell rubadub to ship


Bart is listening to (on) the "input" channel.

Homer is "transmitting" on the "output" channel of the repeater

Yup - thats it

Putting some numbers to this - Barney transmits on 468.00 - Moe
transmits on 468.00 - Homer transmits on 463.00 - Barney listens to
463.00 - Moe listens to 463.00 - Bart listens to 468.00

Yup - thats it again

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