air bottle - used for scba - used for cafs (see below - used to fill
air mattress to catch jumpers / fallers - used to fire tear gas - used
to fill flotation ring for water rescues - used to fill flat tires -
used to shoot tranquelizer darts at wild raging morons - used to shoot
rescue rope to water rescue victims (but the rope takes up 10X more
space than the air bottle) - used to blow fentanyl back to China

cellphone - used to communicate - used as aed - used as taser - used
as chock for tires (LOL)

pso = public safety officer = combined cop and fire fighter

also could use air bottle to shoot bunch of explosive rope onto roof
of burning buiding and do instant ventilation er demolition

note - air bottle plus garden hose (from the homeowner) plus CAFS
nozzle = 1 million pumper truck and crew of 10

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