measuring the toll of the opioid epidemic is tougher than it seems

should be farly simple - death certificate shows OD deah - drug test
confirms drugs in system at time of death - yup, thats a drug OD death

maybe testing for opioids after death is problematic

well then - just ask the cops or medics or firefighters - they will
give you a real good idea if its a opioid death or not


and as I am typing this - the local guy with the huge substance abuse
problem is going door to door in the blizzard - looking for shoveling
jobs and arguing with people - across the street from the police
station - the cops all know him but no one can save this guy - cops nw
giving him a ride to subway station - hopefully he will make it to a
shelter in Boston - I think his family used to live on one of the
richest streets here in town - apparently he is smart enough to stay
away from opioids

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