White Mountain National Forest (WMNF) is located in northern New
Hampshire (and southern Maine IIRC) - 6,000 foot high Mount Washington
is located within the WMNF

There is some info listed under White Mtn FD at

I am not sure if it matches the following info or not



71 White Mountain Drive in Campton NH - Superintendants Office (SO)
and Pemigewasset Ranger District

300 Glen Road in Gorham NH - Androscoggin Ranger District

33 Kancamagus Highway Conway, NH  03818 - Saco Ranger District

The "Forest Supervisor" (located at the SO) is the top guy for the
entire Forest - he is the head of the entire organization (fire,
resource mgmt, planning, mtnce, etc)

The Ranger Districts are subordinate to the SO

If you go to http://www.wildcad.net/WCNH-NEC.htm and click on Resource
Status on the left side - you will see the following -

Pemi District - BC1 - E601 - E741

Andro District - BC2 - E602 - E721 - Initial Attack Trailer

WMF Supervisors Office - Chief 1 ("Forest FMO")

note - no resources listed for Saco Ranger District

I would guess that E601 and E602 are Type 6 brush engines with 300
gallon water tanks

E701 and E702 are probably Type 7 engines - probably a 100 gallon slip
on unit mounted on a pickup truck during extreme fire danger

BC1 and BC2 are probably "District Fire Management Officers" - maybe
full year employees - like a Batt Chf in a city FD

The 'GMF' units are Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont - if
they need more help with a fire they probably have to call over to the
WMNF SO at Campton to order it - therefore we have the name
Northeastern Interagency Coordination Center - maybe all the Natl
Parks in Maine and MA are supposed to place major fire resource orders
thru them also

The Hummer is apparently at Manchester Vermont on the GMF. There is a
Ranger District office there IIRC. "Fuels 1" is probably used for
prescribed fire work but probably can be used for firefighting also.

On the WMNF - the chain of command for wildfire fire management runs
like this - Forest Superintendant -> Chief 1 -> (BC1 and BC2) - [very
simple - same as any city FD - just different names for the positions)

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