If a big wildfire hit Cape Cod -

access would be very limited for mutual aid units

there are only 2 bridges to access the Cape

and there is only 1 major highway that runs the length of the Cape

If power lines dropped across the roads by the bridges or anywhere
along Rte 6 - there would be no way to get outside fire units onto
Cape Cod - and no way to move the units to the far reachs of the outer
cape (Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown etc).

Cape Cod is not like other parts of Massachusetts where mutual aid can
approach from multiple different directions.

(ambulance and police units would face the same issues when trying to
access Cape Cod)

I wonder if a Boston fireboat would have any luck keeping a wildfire
out of Provincetown? I dont think they can throw water far enough to
reach any burning vegetation. Maybe they could supply hoselines

I think that Provincetown has 5 pumpers. If they could get water out
of the ocean somehow, maybe they could keep a wildfire out of
Provincetown. If they could get into position.

Update -

Looking at the Google satellite view of Provincetown, there is only 1
narrow strip of land and homes that could carry a conflagration into
Provincetown. But - Truro, Wellfleet, Eastham, and Orleans look like
they are ripe for a major conflagration - with few alternative
roadways for Rte 6. Maybe 15 or 20 'off Cape' pumpers should be moved
to Orleans and the lower cape anytime there is Class 5 fire weather on
Cape Cod. And the local fire agencies should heavily staff every
vehicle that can be mustered. Putting some airtankers at the Cape
airports would be good also. But that would probably never happen. (on
the other hand - Nova Scotia and PA/NJ are not really that far away
for an airtanker - the big delay would be getting permission to fly to
Cape Cod)

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