Frequency Changes for 2018

All NIRSC equipment has been reprogrammed to meet the National
Telecommunications and Information Administrations (NTIA) 2019

DO NOT use old frequency pocket cards written prior to 2018.

All 2018 NIICD frequency schemes for NFES 004381 and 004244 radios
have the official markings "Controlled Unclassified
Information//Basic" and must be stored and disseminated accordingly.
They may be sent to interagency email addresses but not to
non-official emails (i.e. Gmail or AOL email accounts). COML or COMT
personnel should contact their GACC for the new frequencies. The GACC
can then inform them how to access their secure site to obtain this
information, or they may send it to a government email account.

This information will also be stored on the NIFC FPT site under the
radio_management folder 2018 frequency information. Access to this
folder will require a NAP user name and password. The NIFC CDO
Coordinator (Gary Stewart) and several others in the NIICD  will be
able to grant access to this folder on the FTP site. This can be done
with an email to request access. Once the email is received the
personnel granting permission will inform the individual requesting
access the steps that have to be taken to be granted access.

Contact Gary Stewart for more information.

Equipment Changes for 2018 - Refer to the NIRSC User's Guide for setup
and installation guidance

The following changes have been made to all Command Repeaters
(004312), Logistical Repeaters (004248), and Aircraft Links (004370):

Equipment Setup

New bulkhead connectors have been installed on the above equipment to
provide a weatherproof interface with the internal equipment and the
external cables. This will reduce moisture and condensation within the
kit boxes.

Voice Boards - Voice Boards are now installed in all of the above
kits. When using a solar panel this board allows the user to remotely
query the equipment to obtain battery voltage and equipment

Battery Covers

A removable cover is installed on all alkaline batteries in the above
kits to prevent the terminals from being shorted. DO NOT dispose of
these covers, return with kit.

Command Repeaters
The Command Repeater (004312) kits will now ship in 2 boxes due to
shipping weight restrictions. This second box is identical to the
second box that comes with an Aircraft Link (004370).

Power Connectors
All internal power connectors (Jones Plug and Socket) have been
replaced with Anderson Power Pole connectors (PP1545). These new
connectors are also in the Remote Kits (004330).

Desiccant Packs
Now included in all equipment to reduce moisture and humidity. DO
NOTdiscard desiccant packs.

RF Cables

All NIRSC RF cables now use "N" connectors. The NIRSC no longer uses
any UHF RF cables. Any NIRSC antenna or component manufactured with a
UHF connector has had an N adapter permanently attached to that UHF

Contact Kent Gale for more information.

Frequency Distribution Requirements

Subject: NMAC Correspondence 2017-16 Frequency Distribution Requirements Update

NMAC Correspondence 2017-16

July 14, 2017

To: Geographic Area Coordination Groups, Incident Management Teams,
Communications Unit Leaders, and Communications Technicians

From: National Multi-Agency Coordinating Group

Subject: Frequency Distribution Requirements and Air Tanker Base
Directory Update

The purpose of this memo is to provide information about new
requirements for radio frequency distribution. It also serves to
inform the community of the misprinted Air Tanker Base Directory and
corrective action taken.

All documents that contain frequencies must be labeled at the top and
bottom of each page with a disclaimer that says, Controlled
Unclassified Information//Basic. Steps are being taken to update
I-Suite to meet these requirements in the future. Additionally, work
is being completed to edit any ICS forms hosted by NWCG while also
coordinating with DHS/FEMA and FireScope. Any locally/personally
controlled versions of ICS documents that you may have, that contain
frequency information, must also display this disclaimer at the top
and bottom of each page.

Errors were found in the Air Tanker Base Directory printed May 2017.
This issue has been corrected and the directory is being republished.
Please ensure that the version dated "June 2017" is used. The
corrected electronic version is currently on the NIFC FTP site as well
as secure password protected sites at various GACCs. All versions now
contain the Controlled Unclassified Information label.

/s/ Dan Buckley
Chair, NMAC

Relm-BK Radios Reach End of Life Cycle

Relm/BK will no longer support four older models of radios due to
these radios reaching the end of their life cycle. These radios are:
DPH5102X, GPH5102X, GMP5992X and GPH5992R. These four radio types will
still be accepted as Fire Approved. Contact Kent Gale for more
information. See the attached information from Relm/BK.


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