basically - they way they are presently staffed and funded - they expect -

career stations to reach 85% of calls in 8 minutes

on call urban stations to respond to 85% of calls in 11 minutes

rural statins to reepond whenever

to have jaws to car crashes in 30 minutes 90% of tme

haz mat response in 60 minutes for 90% of calls

90% of population in New Zealand is within 9 minutes drive time of a
fire station

looks like they expect on call urban stations to mobilize within 3
minutes - that is pretty fast for on call crews - unless oncall
stations are closer together than career urban staions - or maybe
their calls are more clustered near the oncall stations than the
career stations - iirc they only have about 5 career stations anyhow

in any case - the yardsticks are pretty simple - 8 minutes - 11
minutes - 30 minutes - 60 minutes

and that is nationwide

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