Cal-OES and the FIRESCOPE Communications Specialist Group are no
longer authorized to publish Federal frequencies not identified as
National Interoperability channels.  These radio frequency assignments
are Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) release exempt and are to be
protected as Sensitive but Unclassified (SBU) data (Controlled
Unclassified Information//Basic) . To obtain frequency information for
this channel, please contact your OES Region Assistant Chief. For
after-hours needs contact the CAL OES State Warning Center

MACS-441-1 Appendix A_20180315.docx        Page 5 of 17
March 2018 MACS 441-1


let me translate this for you - if a plane full of smokejumpers
crashes on a mountain - and all of their radios are on NIFC Tac 2 -
then no one that is nearby can dial them up to talk to them - without
waking up some guy in Sacramento who has the key to the golden lair of
radio freqs - all because - 'the terrorists will win'

openness - not

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