not too much has changed since 2018

test was at 1012 am - maybe late - maybe 10 am is the real anointed time still

some stations were scratchy - Boston was never scratchy - Randolph was
scratchy for just half of their message - odd

Boston did the rollcall - not everyone answered - some stations that
failed to answer were retested - some were not - no followup from 1012
to 1112am

Chelsea apparently answered on 482.05R instead of 483.2875R - maybe
they forgot to switch back after the UASI test - maybe Chelsea
actually simulcasted on both channels

changes I noticed on mutual aid availability - Woburn now has ladder
available - Weston got no ladder now - Needham maybe on ladder -
Medford got no ladder - MassPort Hanscom now has 1 engine

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