Dear colleagues,

Fifteen new RIPE Atlas anchors have been activated since our last announcement 
in June, bringing the total number to 216:

- us-abn-as54054, hosted by Deteque LLC in Ashburn, United States
- us-sgu-as46309, hosted by Gartner Inc in Saint George, United States
- lu-kay-as35733, hosted by EURid VZW in Kayl, Luxembourg
- de-ham-as35258, hosted by akquinet Outsourcing in Hamburg, Germany
- ua-iev-as24725, hosted by Hostmaster LLC in Kiev, Ukraine
- ca-wnp-as18451, hosted by in Winnipeg, Canada
- de-dus-as12676, hosted by HKN GmbH in Düsseldorf, Germany
- uk-lon-as34587, hosted by bet365 in London, United Kingdom
- us-lax-as15133, hosted by Verizon Digital Media in Los Angeles, United States
- us-lwc-as2495, hosted by KanREN Inc in Lawrence, United States
- lb-bey-as12812, hosted by the American University of Beirut in Beirut, 
Lebanon (IPv4-only anchor)
- pg-pom-as17828, hosted by Telikom PNG (sponsored by APNIC) in Port Moresby, 
Papua New Guinea
- ch-zrh-as9092, hosted by Open Systems in Zurich, Switzerland
- nl-ams-as34106, hosted by TMG/Telegraaf in Amsterdam, Netherlands
- dk-hje-as39642, hosted by WNB ApS in Højer, Denmark

You can find the full list of anchors, a map of their locations, a list of the 
hosting organisations and more information about RIPE Atlas anchors online:

There has been some discussion about Pv4-only anchors on the RIPE Atlas mailing 
list. You can follow the discussion there, and you can find more information 
this RIPE Labs article:

Interested in hosting a RIPE Atlas anchor? Learn more:

We are particularly interested in deploying anchors in the Middle East, Western 
Asia, Latin America and Africa in order to add more geographical diversity to 
the measurement data.

There are several organisations that want to host a RIPE Atlas anchor but don’t 
have the necessary funding. To learn more about sponsoring an anchor, or for 
any other questions, please contact us at

And don’t forget to let us know if you’re doing something interesting with RIPE 
Atlas data - we always want to hear about your use cases, research and 


Michela Galante

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