sir plz send science 8&9 QN paper with blue print

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On Mar 10, 2016 11:25 PM, Mohan Bio <> wrote:
> For one sitting we spent lot....... for small bottle of whiskey people can 
> ready to pay 250 Rs but thinks lot to drink 20 Rs coconut.........
> Indian mentality............
> notes resource question papers are all expected to get free.............
> I am not a maths teacher to buy this magazine. I seen about developing 
> magazine by STF.  But referred to our know maths teachers..... They says no 
> need of it. bcoz it is not free.
> 200 Rs  a magazine for annual subscription is not heavy for maths teacher. No 
> need to ask HM to fill that amount. Any one can buy if they really need...    
> What to do ? all wants in free..............
> Just announce a copy will sent free to ur address. plz send ur address..... u 
> may get more that 2000 address to get ur magazine.......
> No will support hard workers.......... just they need there work with free. 
> ...............24 Hrs never think U.
> Any way best of luck. May on words few will subscribe u. 
> As bio teacher I will subscribe and send U 200 Rs. Plz once again Ur address 
> Plz. shortly i will send amount. Its for school and students. I support u.
> If possible add few articles about science ( specially biology and chemistry) 
> 2016-03-10 22:11 GMT+05:30 yakub koyyur <>:
>> Harsha sir I knew about your contribution. You are really a great teaher. My 
>> intention is not hurt you. I didnt mention your name anywhere. It my total 
>> openion about negative feelings. Sorry for hurting you
>> Regards
>> 2016-03-10 17:38 GMT+05:30 yakub koyyur <>:
>>> Mr Shrinivas Sir, First of all I salute you for your  hardwork towards 
>>> making a wonderful magazine.I can understand your feelings. you dont worry 
>>> about the negative comments. Go ahead. I shocked by a mesg that demanding 
>>> for free upload of  magazine in stf. In kannada ther is a proverb 
>>> "Hasidavanige gothu annada mahathva". Konada munde kinnari barisidare enu 
>>> prayojana. It is our duty to encourage one's extra ordinary work. We are 
>>> thinking 100 times about 200/- Rs to spend. What a social worker we are?. 
>>> Amazing!!!!. yes we are waiting all for free. If you send free then they 
>>> suggest you " plz compress your magazine , otherwise too much data  lost". 
>>> A teacher called me and asking " sir how much amount needed for download 
>>> your notes" after my reply He again ask" Sir is there any way to reduce it" 
>>> This is the way we are thinking. There are many way to make business. We 
>>> can earn large amount with other business.So dont say that making magazine 
>>> and requesting with us is a business. Plz think about the heard work behind 
>>> it. "Kattegenu gothu kasturiya praimala". No one forcing anybody to buy it. 
>>> It is your choice. Though why giving negative comments? .we are talking 
>>> about serving nation,teachers and students, Plz ask yourself what is your 
>>> contrib

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