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World Computer Literacy Day – December 2

Nov 27th, 2014 @ 09:44 am › tut2learn

Every year December 2 is observed as Computer Literacy Day. Its launched to
create awareness and increase access to information technology for all
disadvantaged communities. Able to access computer and mobile skill is used
to access internet and communicate throughout the world.


World Computer Literacy Day

*Computer literacy* is defined as the knowledge and ability to access
computers and related technology efficiently.  Computer literacy can also
refer to the comfort level someone has with using computer programs and
other applications that are associated with computers. Another valuable
component is understanding how computers work and operate.

Computer Education to improve digital literacy and transform education for
disadvantaged and marginalized communities particularly in Africa, by
providing access to affordable technology, in addition to training
teachers. Education is only to solution to remove poverty from poors. So
far this year, 7,616 computers have been dispatched to disadvantaged
communities all over the world, bringing digital literacy to 159,936 people.

Hareeshkumar K
GHS Huskuru
Malavalli TQ
Mandya Dt

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