Hi, all,

I never used emacs before, but decided to try emacs+matlab-emacs+cedet
after reading Eric Ludlam's post "MATLAB-Emacs integration is back"
posted back in 2009. I cannot get CEDET working and wonder whether
someone can help me. Below are details.

I installed the emacs 24.5 which came with cedet builtin, then I
downloaded matlab-emacs. I set up my emacs init file following the
instructions in Eric's post, that is:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/path/to/matlab_dot_el")
    (load-library "matlab-load")
    ;; Enable CEDET feature support for MATLAB code. (Optional)

When I opened a dot m file, the MATLAB menu was there, and some
features listed in Eric's post (syntax highlighting, mlint, etc.)
seemed to work, but I don't think the completion engine was working.
TAGS and SRecode menus were not there, which might be a sign.

I wonder how can I turn CEDET on?


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