>>> "LS" == LS CRT Sekretariat <k.schnitzl...@b-tu.de> writes:

   > Hi
   > executing the matlab code (see below)

   > #+begin_src matlab :session :results output
   > clear
   > a=1;
   > i=1
   > #+end_src

   > #+RESULTS:
   > : clear
   > : a=1;
   > : i=1
   > :
   > : i =
   > :
   > :      1

   > the code is copied into the results buffer, which is not what I want.
   > Using octave instead of matlab will yield the correct output from stdout.
   > Any hint or help is greatly appreciated.


The syntax you are using, seems to me a question to org mode, not to
matlab mode.

 Emacs matlab mode provides a mayor mode for .m files for editing it
 also provides a command shell written in lisp which allows you to
 display the results in a separate buffer, precisely what you are
 looking for. But it is different mayor mode.

I asked some time ago the inverse question, I wanted to use the lisp
matlab shell in org mode, since I wanted to *insert* the result of the
matlab calculations in the same mode I have the matlab commands. You
want the opposite.

So either, 

    1. Use the matlab emacs mode.

    2. Ask in the org mode list.

Or what do I miss?

Uwe Brauer 

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