We are happy to announce the release of Matplotlib 2.2.0!

The first release of the v2.2 LTS series and the last version of
Matplotlib to support python2.  There will be bug-fix release for this
series until 2020.

This release includes new features including:

 - An experimental constrained layout manager
 - Color blind friendly color map (cividis) and color cycle
 - native support for numpy.datetime64 types
 - animated gif writing via pillow
 - TkAgg now works with pypy
 - cairo based backends for Qt, Tk, and WX

For full details see

There are several API changes in this release:

 - To support the constrained layout Matplotlib has a new required
   dependency (kiwisolver).
 - The `` module has been removed, development has
   moved to a stand-alone project.

For more details see

The next feature release of Matplotlib will be 3.0, targeted for July 2018
will support python 3.5+.

We are looking for a release manager for the 2.2.x series.

Thank you again to everyone (~100) people who helped to get the release
done and out the door!

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