On Mon, 14 Aug 2006, John Hunter wrote:

Hey Asheesh -- sorry we missed this the first time. I just tried to apply it but the patch didn't go through because of the dir naming conventions you are using on your system. Could you try to get an svn co, apply your patch, and then submit an 'svn diff' ?

That's attached.  Also, try using "patch -p1" next time. (-;

I license this under the same terms at matplotlib is currently publicly distributed.

-- Asheesh.

Your boyfriend takes chocolate from strangers.
Index: lib/matplotlib/axes.py
--- lib/matplotlib/axes.py      (revision 2688)
+++ lib/matplotlib/axes.py      (working copy)
@@ -2662,12 +2662,13 @@
     def pie(self, x, explode=None, labels=None,
+            pctdistance=0.6,
         PIE(x, explode=None, labels=None,
             colors=('b', 'g', 'r', 'c', 'm', 'y', 'k', 'w'),
-            autopct=None, shadow=False)
+            autopct=None, pctdistance=0.6, shadow=False)
         Make a pie chart of array x.  The fractional area of each wedge is
         given by x/sum(x).  If sum(x)<=1, then the values of x give the
@@ -2686,6 +2687,10 @@
             the wedge.  If it is a format string, the label will be fmt%pct.
             If it is a function, it will be called
+          - pctdistance is the ratio between the center of each pie slice
+            and the start of the text generated by autopct.  Ignored if autopct
+            is None; default is 0.6.
           - shadow, if True, will draw a shadow beneath the pie.
         The pie chart will probably look best if the figure and axes are
@@ -2760,8 +2765,8 @@
             if autopct is not None:
-                xt = x + 0.6*radius*math.cos(thetam)
-                yt = y + 0.6*radius*math.sin(thetam)
+                xt = x + pctdistance*radius*math.cos(thetam)
+                yt = y + pctdistance*radius*math.sin(thetam)
                 if is_string_like(autopct):
                     s = autopct%(100.*frac)
                 elif callable(autopct):
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