To the fantastic matplotlib developers,
I am having a strange behavior when using zooming.  I have tried it with 
WX, Wxagg, and TKagg, and with Numeric and numpy.  It occurs in multiple 
interpolation types as well.   The best way to see this behavior is to 
use the example.  If you zoom in enough, the image 
starts to fade to white, and then turn completely white.  If you zoom in 
to about where the zoom the axes area spans 0.1 units, it should still 
look fine, but then a span of 0.01 unit will be all white.  If you zoom 
in slowly to where the color is starting to wash out to white, then 
resize the window, you will see more strange whitening behavior (the 
color fluctuates between white and the correct color as you change the 
window size).   This is on a windows machine with Python 2.4.
Another clue.  if I save the white appearing axes to a png, it looks fine.
the way it fades out almost seems like something going wrong with an 
alpha value somewhere...
any thoughts?


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