On 28/10/06, Eric Firing <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The error is not in matplotlib, it is in a pygtk header file, which is
> presumably coming from a Redhat package.  I don't know why it is


> happening or what the best solution is, though.  It looks like the
> pygobject.h that I have has "typename_", not "typename", so I am
> thinking maybe this is a pygtk bug, since fixed, in which "typename" is
> in conflict with something.

  C++, typename is a reserved word there.

  You might try editing your copy of
> pygobject.h, adding the trailing underscore to "typename" on both lines
> where it occurs.  It can't hurt; these are just dummy variable names.

  That is the solution, and you say the same that was adopted by the
project to solve the problem.

> Eric

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