Thanks a lot to all of you for your help. This looks very promising. I will 
test it on Monday.

Regards, Marjolaine.

>>> Michael Droettboom <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 09/05/08 7:54 PM >>>
You could do something like:

def bitget(value, bit_number):
    return (value & (1 << bit_number)) != 0

which will return True or False for the given bit number, and this 
function works on numpy arrays.  (Bits are numbered base-0 -- I don't 
know if that matches matlab).

Hope that helps,

Marjolaine Rouault wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if python has the equivalent of the matlab bitget.m function.
> I have a large 2 dimensional variable of type uint32 which I must convert to 
> binaries and then find if bit 23 of the binary for each point is 0 or 1. The 
> matlab bitget function is ideal for that but I can't find much in python. The 
> only thing I found was binary_repr which converts to a sting and can only be 
> used for 1 point at a time.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks, Marjolaine.

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