I have a Python module that I've written with some pylab plotting  
routines in it.  One of them loops over a list of objects, generating  
some plots based on the data associated with each list member in  
turn.  It's meant to be an interactive way to step through the list  
and see what the things look like.

I have the loop set up to wait for user input before going on to the  
next object, using

x = raw_input("press return for next fit: ")

but for some reason, the plot window never updates.  I've tried  
putting both draw() and show() immediately
before the raw_input() line, and neither works.  The plot only seems  
to update when I ctrl-C out of the loop, and otherwise, I just get the  
spinning beachball when I mouseover the plot.

I'm using Matplotlib 0.98.3 on OS X (10.5.5) with the built-in python  
from Apple I think (2.5.1).  I'm calling the plotting routine from  
ipython 0.8.3 using the -pylab option.

The same script previously worked fine under Matplotlib 0.98.1

Other plotting routines from the same module seem to work fine - it's  
only this plot within a loop that's giving me trouble.

Any ideas?

Zane Selvans
Amateur Earthling
PGP Key: 55E0815F

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