Hi Guys,

I need to clear the Figure after the user has clicked the some button in 
PyQt, but when I try to plot the graphics again nothing appear. In 
ipython it works, but when I try it inside my application it does not 
work. What am I missing?

Inside my MplCanvas class (actually it is a QWidget - see 
embedding_in_qt4.py in matplotlib examples file - user_interface) I have 
this code:

self.fig = Figure(figsize=(self.width, self.height), dpi=dpi)      

And then in my main application I'm trying to do:


and nothing is plotted. The Figure is totally gray. I tried to do the 
same thing in embedding_in_qt4.py example, modifying some parts, but it 
didn't work too.

Do you have any suggestions?

Best regards,
Bernardo M. Rocha

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