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On Tuesday 31 March 2009 17:00:59 Bala subramanian wrote:
> Friends,
> 1) I want to make a plot of multiple lines. I want to make something like
> ./multiplot.py 1.dat 2.dat 3.dat ...... n.dat
> All files contain two columns and are of same length. plotfile() and load()
> do not take list of file but one file name only. In such cases, I want to
> unpack the x,y values in 1.dat,2.dat.... n.dat  and plot it at a stretch.
> What is the best way to do it.  Any suggestion would be highly helpful.

you may just run through the list sys.argv like

for filename in sys.argv:
    plotlfile(filename, ...)

> 2) How can i fix the default values, like first line should be black,
> second line in red ...., third in blue.

define your own favourite color-list like

my_colors = ['black', 'red', 'blue']

and afterwards circle through this like:

 for index, filename in enumerate(sys.argv):
    plotlfile(filename, ..., color=my_colors[index])

regards Matthias

> Thanks
>  bala

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