> It looks like you found a pretty significant bug -- the Artist.pick
> method forwards the event to all of it's children, whether or not the
> pick event happened in the same Axes as the event being queried.  Not
> only is this inefficient, it can create false positives when the two
> axes share a similar coord system.  I just committed a fix to svn, to
> make sure the artist axes instance is the same as the pick event
> inaxes attribute before forwarding on the call.  artist.Artist.pick
> now reads:
>         # Pick children
>         for a in self.get_children():
>             # make sure the event happened in the same axes
>             ax = getattr(a, 'axes', None)
>             if mouseevent.inaxes==ax:
>                 a.pick(mouseevent)
> This seems to fix the problem you identified -- give svn r7141 or
> later a test drive if you have access
>   http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/faq/installing_faq.html#install-from-svn

Thanks! Your solution works for me. I haven't actually tested the svn, only 
patched the current version provided by my distribution ( with the 
modification you posted.



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