I am a beginner with matplotlib.
I am trying to analyze huge dataset, the plot would have multiple lines. I
am getting memory error (it fails maxing out ~2.5GB on my system). I am
assuming there are probably ways to simplify the data, I came across
something 'simplify' for 'path', not sure how to use that in my case. My
code looks something as shown below (there are 2 ways I tried), as can be
seen I am using lists, would converting them to numpy arrays significantly
improve things? I am yet to try that. Simplifying function would be best I

The values on x-axis are cumulative measures (of memory of each element,
element being some basic component in our system) and the y-axis shows
percentage (obtained by
some-count-of-the-element_times_memory-of-the-element/Sum of these for all
elements). If this doesn't make sense, that's ok, the idea is the graph is
expected to not contain sudden crests or troughs.

xy_pairs = [x1_vals, y1_vals, x2_vals, y2_vals...]

for each_xy_pair:
  plt.plot(x_vals, y_vals)

Both of the above methods don't work.

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