Foiled again. I clicked on the previous version, which has no MPL code 
in the same def.
The show() is where things go wrong though. The question now is where 
did the program go after the show()? Maybe it's time to put the 
interactive debugger into play, which I've barely used. I have used others.

On 2/10/2010 6:44 PM, Wayne Watson wrote:
> I chronicled some of my MPL problems here. It appeared that show() 
> could be the problem. The problem is apparently the difference between 
> running the program in IDLE and executing it from the folder (Maybe 
> there's a name for that?). There are only about 8 lines of MPL code to 
> the show() in a def. I inserted and moved a return down each line, 
> executing the program afterwords. It behaved as expected, no plot.  
> Once I removed the plot, I got the unexpected behavior. A video clip 
> not played. So off to a direct py file execution. It worked fully.
> What this amounts to is that we need to find a better way for users to 
> execute the program than through IDLE. Tomorrow  I'll pass this by the 
> original developer.

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