Dear all,
Kindly find attached herewith what I have on CPF termination at voltage and
line apparent power limitations.
Kindly note the following points
(1) To enforce the V_limits and L_limits, matpower option file (mpoption.m)
was modified to includes these functionalities and the required voltage and
apparent power tolerances. Attached is the option file named mpoption_ASA.m

(2) The run cpf file (runcpf.m) was modified to register the events
functions and thier respective call back functions. Attached is the runcpf
file named runcpf_ASA.m

(3) From experience, line thermal limitation is often most severe compared
to voltage and generator reactive power limits, hence the
cpf.enforce_l_lims and cpf.enforce_v_lims are assigned higher priority
values of 53 and 52 respectively.

(4) For now, it is assumed that at the base case power flow, all voltages
and line apparent power flow are within limits.

*It is my hope that i will be duely acknowledge as one of the contributors
of these codes to matpower's development.*
*Kindly keep me posted on the clean up you do on these codes.*

In anticipation of your responses and suggestions.

*Engr. AHMAD, Abubakar Sadiq**PhD Student*

*Electrical Engineering.*

*Bayero University, Kano. Nigeria.*


*LecturerElectrical and Electronics Engineering,*

*Federal University of Technology,*

*P.M.B, 65, Minna.*

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