Dear all,

I am currently trying to model generator contingencies in MOST. However, my 
problem is, that there is no variation of generator dispatch over all the 
modelled states. The generators with a contingency assigned have therefore zero 
dispatch in the base and contingency state. Consequently I get no differences 
between the base case and the states in which contingencies do occur.
Moreover I have applied the same set up to model transmission line 
contingencies. This setup doesn’t cause any problems and I am getting different 
power flows in the base state and the states with contingencies.

In my setup, I have assigned a big amount of positive/negative reserve 
quantities with zero reserve costs to the generators with modelled 
contingencies. I have already tried to define contingencies for all kind of 
generators (different maximum capacity, different marginal costs). The system I 
am simulating consists of 940 buses, 4500 generators and 1350 transmission 

Did someone have the same problem? What could be the reason that I don’t get 
any differences in generator dispatch among the modelled states?

Thank you very much for any kind of inputs and advices

Maurus Rusch

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