Hi all matpower users!

I have two questions:

1. In the bus matrix, the columns VM and VA are used both for the initial
guess when solving the power flow, and to store the resulting voltages?

2. When solving a cpf, I get lam_max which corresponds to the nose point,
i.e. maximum load/generation increase before "voltage collapse" happens. I
can also find the power flow at the nose point just by running an ordinary
power flow with flat start and conditions corresponding to the maximum
load. However, I have tried to do the same thing for the lower part of the
PV curve but failed to reproduce the solutions from the cpf. Basically I
thought I could get the lower part of the PV curve by just solving a power
flow using initial conditions which are close to the "unstable"/lower
solutions from the cpf (instead of a flat start), but I get different


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