Dear all

           I am facing problem in DCOPF. I need help. In my power grid model i 
have fixed the capacity of transmission line in RATE A column by 110% of 
initial power flow. Then increase the load by a factor (1.01) and run the 
dcopf. But matpower showing infeasible model due to which it is not converging. 
I am not able to understand the problem. Here load and generation is also well 
balanced. Now which parameter constraint to converging of my test case. I stuck 
here for a long time, so please help me

The result shown below is after increasing the load by 1.01.

MATPOWER Version 6.0, 16-Dec-2016 -- DC Optimal Power Flow
Gurobi Version 7.0.2 -- automatic LP solver
Optimize a model with 19515 rows, 4968 columns and 47500 nonzeros
Coefficient statistics:
  Matrix range     [2e-03, 9e+05]
  Objective range  [1e+02, 2e+02]
  Bounds range     [5e-03, 1e+02]
  RHS range        [3e-17, 4e+02]

Concurrent LP optimizer: dual simplex and barrier
Showing barrier log only...

Presolve removed 2 rows and 17 columns
Presolve time: 0.06s

Solved with dual simplex
Solved in 0 iterations and 0.07 seconds
Infeasible model

>>>>>  Did NOT converge (0.17 seconds)  <<<<<

Checking connectivity ... single fully connected network
Elapsed time is 0.051284 seconds.
Number of:           ----------
  buses                  3989
  loads                  2227
    on                   2227
    off                     -
    fixed                2227
    dispatchable            -
      on                    -
      off                   -
  generators              979
    on                    979
    off                     -
  shunt elements          247
  branches               8096
    on                   8096
    off                     -
    ties (off)              -

  active (MW)
    dispatched          85879.4
      fixed             85879.4
      dispatchable          -
    nominal             85879.4
      on                85879.4
      off                   -
      fixed             85879.4
      dispatchable          -
        on                  -
        off                 -
  reactive (MVAr)
    dispatched          23668.6
      fixed             23668.6
      dispatchable          -
    nominal             23668.6
      on                23668.6
      off                   -
      fixed             23668.6
      dispatchable          -
        on                  -
        off                 -

  active (MW)
    dispatched          86451.8
    max capacity       213706.7
      on               213706.7
      off                   -
    min capacity       -72665.3
      on               -72665.3
      off                   -
  reactive (MVAr)
    dispatched          24069.5
    max capacity        69809.7
      on                69809.7
      off                   -
    min capacity       -50352.2
      on               -50352.2
      off                   -

Shunt Injections
    active (MW)             -
    reactive (MVAr)     10848.8

Branch Losses
    active (MW)             -
    reactive (MVAr)         -

DC line
  export (MW)
    dispatch                -
    max capacity            -
      on                    -
      off                   -
    min capacity            -
      on                    -
      off                   -

Reference Buses
  num of ref buses          1
  ref bus numbers        3292

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Sent: Monday, July 17, 2017 8:05:10 PM
To: MATPOWER discussion forum
Subject: Re: load2disp command

Did you check the help for the function (e.g. 
 in the online function reference)?

idx is simply a vector of bus indexes, in your case it should be simply be 
equal to 2 (a 1 x 1 vector).


On Jul 17, 2017, at 2:29 AM, Akash Tyagi 
<<>> wrote:

Hello everyone,
I am using load2disp command and I understand everything in that command except 
the input index.
Suppose I want to convert the fixed load to dispatchable load at bus 2 only.
I tried by using the following command-
close all;
It is not working?
Thanks in advance

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