The voltage magnitudes in MATPOWER data files, (bus(:,VM)), are given in per 
unit and are generally close to 1.0. You have very low voltages for many of the 
buses. Similarly, the VMAX and VMIN values are also in per unit and generally 
they are 1.0 and 0.95, respectively. The following code results in convergent 

mpc = loadcase(‘Transmission3’);
mpc.bus(:,VM) = 1.0;
mpc.bus(:,VA) = 0.0;
mpc.bus(:,VMAX) = 1.1;
mpc.bus(:,VMIN) = 0.9;

Also, note that when relaxing the limits set them to large values, not zeros.

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Date: Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 4:23 PM
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Subject: AC OPF Convergence Issue

Hi All,

I am developing a model for transmission grid at Lehigh Valley. My model seems 
to converge for DC OPF but is unable to converge for AC. I have tried the 
following to make it converge but nothing works:

·         Relaxed Vmax, Vmix, BR_R, Rate_A,Rate_B,Rate_C
·         Checked the tap ratio, Qmax, Qmin,Pmax,Pmin
·         Tried to change the OPF options by using opf.init_from_mpc
·         Using mpoption I tried to change the solver to IPOPT& MINOPF but 
MATLAB keeps giving me an error that I need to download it. After downloading 
and connecting the path to MATLAB it gives me the same error.
I have attached my casefiles to this email. Please let me know if anyone can 
find an issue with the model.

Thank you!


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