Sounds interesting. I am very busy with other things at the moment though,
but I'll try to look at it next week.



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I came across a reference to the FreeMarker templating engine a couple of
weeks ago whilst reading up on the Spring framework. It looked pretty
interesting so I thought I'd have a go at writing an opt-freemarker package.

Unlike Velocity though FreeMarker doesn't have a dispatch servlet but I
still wanted to utilise the functionality of DocumentView (the setting of
the model bean attribute in the scope specified on the document view).
DocumentView currently assumes the use of a dispatcher though so I've made a
few updates (attached) that allow the "document" view type to optionally use
the existing DocumentTransform class to perform the task of dispatching the
supplied document "path" rather than use an aggregated DispatchedView
instance. The updated DocumentView class no longer needs DispatchedView
since the dispatch include/forward is handled by the DocumentTransform
that's created when the view configuration is loaded.

Could you committers have a look at the updates please and let me know what
you think? opt-freemarker is currently dependent on them.

many thanks,
Ed Ward

PS. If you'd like to look at the opt-freemarker package, I've placed a copy
at (632 KB)

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