I have a eXist xml database controller. (http://exist-db.org)
This controller feeds the trivial view via the cctx.setModel() with xml 
documents containing jsf/jsp code.

Now I would like to feed the xml documents into the jsf/jsp servlet and let 
Maverick regain control for further processing after the document has been 
passed by jsf/jsp.

I would like to do this via a Transformer. But How ?

Any help would be appreciated.

 <command name="*">
            <controller class="com.easyspeedy.maverick.ctl.ExistControler">
                <param name="xquery" value="docs.xq"/>
            <view type="trivial" name="success">

**--->  <transform type="jsp-document" /> 

                <transform type="xslt" path="default.xslt"/>
            <view type="trivial" name="print">
                <transform type="xslt" path="print.xslt"/>
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