Hello all:
I've been using the .NET port of Maverick for a short while with a great degree of success, however, I have a question regarding the original Maverick framework implementation as it pertains to my desire to pass dynamic XML data (it would be session-specific) as a param for XSLT transformations.
For now, my sample application is reading a static XML resource from disk and loading it into a JDOM Document.  It appears that I cannot natively pass an instance of a JDOM Document object (nor any of it's surrogate objects), as I've consistently received an error when trying to do so. 
I apologize if this question has already been answered, but what would be the most efficient (as in performance) means by which I could pass an XML object to the setParameter method of the transformation?  I assume it would take an org.w3c.Dom node, nodelist, etc., but are those my only alternatives? 
Many thanks,
A.D. Kent

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