You can use FormBeanCtrlBase for thread safe controllers. It won't solve your problem though, as an instance of this will be created with every request (instead of the session you seem to be looking for). Why not just use an object to hold your questionaire data and keep it in the session? You can use the HttpSession just like you would with Servlets.

Btw, though there will be bugsupport for an unlimited time on Baritus, it is not actively being developed as I am working on a new project (which is currently in alpha, but will reach beta in a couple of weeks from now). Session handling etc. is much easier with this project, and it is fully component based. It might take some time to get used to if you are used to web-MVC frameworks (Maverick/ Baritus, Struts, etc.), but if you're not used to the page oriented approach, you'd probably find this project much easier to work with. If you're intested, take a look at Wicket: http://wicket.sourceforge.net

Good luck,


Yiannis Mavroukakis wrote:

Hello :)

Sorry for the dumb question but I am stuck :) I want to create a
questionaire and I am wondering what
type for controller is should be using. FormBeanUser appeals to me, but
the fact that it is not thread-safe
is a problem, since I want to persist the questionaire selections (the
bean I created) during the session and submit them at the
end of it. What is the most suitable controller for the job and are
there any examples to guide me along?

Thank you for your time,


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