Bansilal Haudakari wrote:

I am new to Maverick. Excited to use in my current project but unfortunately i am unable to get the info on mailing list hence the mail to you guys.
I need the information on "How to Get Started" using Maverick.The ReadMe doc is very basic. If i am using Maverick with any application server i need to know where to put the maverick directroy etc.

You just need to confirm to the J2EE (java servlet) spec. Put you webapplication in a directory which has a subdirectory WEB-INF, which has the mandatory web.xml.

Besides looking at the usual documentation (http://java.sun.com/products/servlet/docs.html), please took a look at the examples.

As i am planning to integrate Maverick with SUN ONE server would like to know whether its feasible & would highly appreciate pointers/suggestion

No problems there. You can deploy Maverick on any complient server, and SUN ONE is one of them.




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