Joseph Dane wrote:

The problem: I needed a very simple X?HTML template system.  It had to
be something that, however, complicated under the hood, could be used
by junior developers and design people.  I also wanted the source
pages to be valid XML, so that I could use the various XML tools to
edit/process/test the pages.

I wanted to avoid JSP"s scriptlet syntax.  JSTL might work, but I
wanted the source pages to be valid XML, so I wanted to avoid stuff

 <a href="<c:out value="..."/>"> ... </a>

Basically, I wanted XML source files, with the ability to dynamically
evaluate expressions and a some minimal amount of flow control.
Looping, for sure.  Conditionals, probably.  Something to match the
minimalist spirit of Maverick itself.

Take a look at LSP ( The latest version (1.4) can be used as a Maverick view type.

LSP uses an pure XML syntax, quite similar to XSLT. It outputs SAX events,
which can be directly feed into a subsequent XSLT transform. LSP is compiled into Java bytecode for efficient execution.

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