On Wed, 6 Jul 2005, Jeff Schnitzer wrote:

However, over the last couple years I kept bumping into shortcomings of the servlet-front-controller approach taken by Maverick, Struts, WebWork, and friends. Specifically:

* If you have more than a couple web developers, they bump into each other when editing the xml sitemap config file.
* Explaining the xml sitemap config file to nonprogrammers is unpleasant.

Those two (related) problems can be solved within the servlet-front-controller approach. The central sitemap config file is unnessecary, you can have automatic implicit mapping from request URL to a Java class name for the Action. The only central config you need then is a list of Java packages to search in. If no class is found, then a view can be searched for instead.

If additional configuration for a page is needed, that can be added as metadata to the Action class (possibly by using annotation in Java 1.5) and/or to the view (depending on the view technology).

This is implemented in LSP (http://sourceforge.net/projects/lspx/).

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