I have been happily using Maverick in my Velocity-based Web application 
for a long time. However, only now am I trying to make my Web application 
display non-ASCII characters, using UTF-8 encoding. It's not working.

I find that pages that are generated by a simple view, with no transforms, 
come out correctly. But pages that are generated by a view (DocumentView) 
with transforms (DocumentTransform) come out with their non-ASCII 
characters garbled.

I didn't find much about character encoding in the Maverick documentation, 
so I resorted to UTSL.

I see that the FakeHttpServletResponse and ServletOutputStreamBuffer 
classes both have a "charset" field. However, I cannot see any code that 
ever sets the charset. That's a shame, because these classes seem to be 
crucial to how StringTransformStep, used in DocumentTransform, work.

There are some source code comments that suggest that the charset will get 
set to a value obtained from the content type. But I cannot see anything 
that actually does that?

Have I found a bug, or am I misunderstanding how the code works, or how I 
am supposed to use Maverick for non-ASCII encoding?

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