> Well this is indeed a blast from the past!
> You seem to be missing jdom.jar from your classpath as well.  There
> will be a version in your maverick distribution, or you can find the
> latest version here:  http://www.jdom.org/

Also, sometimes you can have class path issues if you have duplicate
jars with different versions in your class path, so I'd check for that
as well. Finally, Tomcat can be funky when it comes to where you put
these jars, so you may have to play around with putting it (only) in
WEB-INF/lib or one of the Tomcat shared directories.

> Are you actually contemplating Maverick or just doing research?
> Maverick is pretty dated, especially in an ajax-driven world.
> Post-Maverick I ended up developing http://tagonist.tigris.org/, which
> does most of what I needed from Maverick but in 500 lines of code...
> and now I use http://code.google.com/p/htmleasy/ + Cambridge for basic
> html rendering, although that tends to be fairly simple given that
> most data is rendered by javascript/ajax.

And my 2c on that is that for years I've used Wicket (and in fact are
one of the core contributors) but nowadays stay clear of Java web
frameworks altogether. I tend to use just plain HTTP services using
Jersey/ JAXRS and JavaScript directly (e.g. using jQuery, though I
might throw in a framework like Angular). The only thing left then is
something to dispatch requests and handle security. I use Wicket for
that, just because I know it well, though you could just use a servlet
filter for it or a light framework like HTMLEasy, which seems like an
excellent choice.

Good luck,


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