It is not possible. As has been explained before, this is a limitation of 
Django itself (the framework used to build Mayan) and to an extent of how 
HTML forms works. Only the last step of the wizard can include a file, this 
is why all previous steps are user data only. There is a long standing 
ticket to add an AJAX document uploader 
( which would allow steps 
in any order or even several step at the same time. Sadly this is outside 
my knowledge domain and nobody has taken up the task to building it. 

On Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 8:23:11 AM UTC-4, Manuel Reiter wrote:
> I'm currently setting up Mayan 2.1.10 (on a Raspberry Pi 3 for home use). 
> I've configured a staging folder and want to set up my scanner to 
> automatically scan to it.
> I don't quite understand how to access the folder for upload, though. The 
> only way I've found is through the "New Document" button on the Start page 
> which forces me to select a document type first thing. Since there might be 
> documents of different types in the staging folder, I'd like to be able to 
> select the type for each document separately. Ist that possible at all?


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