For me it depends on what I'm scanning and the priority of the scan (text, 
color, image). For images I use JPEG to conserve detail without having 
files that are too big. For drawings or blueprints I use PNG. For multipage 
scans like contracts I use PDF. There is an experimental branch that add a 
headless SANE ( 
source support 
(, this 
would allow for scanning documents directly into Mayan straight from the 
scanner and not having to use a separate program. It is a proof of concept 
but if improved could be added in the next version.

On Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 8:24:25 AM UTC-4, Manuel Reiter wrote:
> What format are you using for scanned files? Scanimage can only produce 
> PNG and TIFF, I lean towards PDF for now but would like to hear your 
> thoughts on this.


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