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  version 2.8" (Wed, 28 Feb 2018 17:49:27 -0800 (PST)):

> I managed to get Mayan running using Alpine Linux but the final image size 
> was almost the same using Ubuntu. There were too many path and 
> configuration file changes and while Alpine runs well it is not LSB 
> compliant. I don't think it is a fit for something like as complex as Mayan 
> and needs to run reliably in business settings. Alpine was a bit faster but 
> is missing too many things like language files and fonts (our multi 
> language Office test document doesn't render using Alpine). There are 
> problems with Ubuntu too. Ubuntu 16.04, the recommended version for Mayan, 
> is rather old and missing a recent kernel. Moving to a newer version breaks 
> too many things. Ubuntu is not careful when it comes to backwards 
> compatibility. RedHat, Fedora and CentOS were a disaster. Many basic 
> libraries are missing and the official recommendation is to use third party 
> repositories. No thanks. I'm going to try Debian next, which is very secure 
> but also very stable in terms of release continuity (as opposed to Ubuntu).

JFTR if size matters there are also the *-slim flavors of Debian images
removing some files usually not needed inside containers.



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