Mayan keeps the aspect ratio of the original image. I've been exploring 
ways to fix this. One is to shrink the image and display white or black 
borders. This keeps the aspect ratio intact but if the image is long it 
will be rendered very small. The other way is to sacrifice the aspect ratio 
and trim as bit from the top and the bottom. This approach was the added 
advantage that the entry document list layout will be symmetrical and 
predictable. Which helps a lot when designing or improving user interfaces. 

On Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 1:26:24 PM UTC-4, Ray Hendricks wrote:
> Some of my scanned documents are really long receipts but i would rather 
> they were just cut off at the bottom.  Instead all of the preview boxes are 
> very long with blank space at the bottom.   Is there a way to fix this 
> issue?


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