I've timed the loading and the fancybox intialization to provide the popup 
previews take a good chunk. Been thinking about removing that feature now 
that the document are displayed in a list item view instead of a vertical 
list view. The Open Paperless fork removed it and works great.

On Wednesday, December 20, 2017 at 5:32:03 AM UTC-4, Kamahunda Mulamba 
> Hello Tony
> Thank you for your reply;
> I put the following values in the /usr/share/mayan-edms/uwsgi.ini file:
> processes = 10
> threads = 10
> This does not improve response times however;
> Could you tell me the configuration elements to optimize this?
> Clt
> Le jeudi 30 novembre 2017 08:04:51 UTC+1, Tony Nys a écrit :
>> i had the same issue
>> Make sure the number of worker threads in uwsgi is increased; see my 
>> other posts
>> On Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 9:12:25 AM UTC+1, Kamahunda Mulamba 
>> wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> I am a newcomer on Mayan EDMS.
>>> After installing a demonstration following the attached procedure (
>>> *edms_install_proc.txt)* , I was seduced by the product.
>>> The only point that is blocking for our customers is that, at the time 
>>> of adding a document, the generation of the pages thumbnails take a crazy 
>>> time.
>>> How can we reduce this time? Is there a setting for this pregeneration 
>>> to be done only for the new document and not the whole?
>>> Another option would be that this pregeneration takes place in 
>>> asynchronous mode.
>>> Thank you for your reply. Beyond this aspect, the product is really 
>>> attractive.
>>> cordially


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