Hi Robert,

what do you think about my question 1?
Would it be possible to implement such a feature - with a few lines - into 
This information could for example be used for sorting the documents.
Sorting them by the document name doesn't make a lot of sense if you ask me.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Am Sonntag, 1. April 2018 19:55:44 UTC+2 schrieb Raul:
> Hi Michael,
> thanks for your response.
> I finally got my server in place and am ready to rock now.
> Regarding my questions:
> 1) I was more thinking about something like it is done in paperless (
> https://github.com/danielquinn/paperless).
> Here the date is being extracted out of the OCR content and used as 
> document date. Which is a very nice feature.
> 2) You are right the addon is outdated.
> 3) That would be definitely nice. I the way it is right now the OCR 
> content is only used for searching. However, there could be so much more 
> you could do with it. Like search for keywords and trigger the auto assign 
> to a cabinet or get the document date etc....
> Am Freitag, 23. März 2018 06:25:11 UTC+1 schrieb Michael Price:
>> Hi,
>> How are you liking version 3.0?
>> Here are the answer to your questions.
>> 1. The file creation data is lost during the upload. These operating 
>> system fields and do not persist during upload via web. It could be 
>> possible to retain these values if the document is uploaded via a watch 
>> folder or staging folder. Since these methods open the file to be loaded 
>> into Mayan directly from the operating system the file creation could be 
>> read.
>> 2. It is not possible using the normal installation. However I found this 
>> online: https://gitlab.com/mayan-edms/document_renaming it seems to do 
>> what you want. Haven't tried it and looks outdated. If there is enough 
>> interest we could add something like this in our fork of Mayan.
>> 3. Not yet possible at the level you want right now but it is getting 
>> there. There is a workflow feature called triggers and another called 
>> actions. These allow you to create a workflow that will respond (trigger) 
>> based on an event (OCR finished) and perform an action (tag the document, 
>> move to the cabinet). The problem is that the triggers and actions are 
>> static. You can't program any kind of intelligence in them. There is no 
>> method to add a decision (what folder based on what OCR content). We have 
>> been talking about solving this with what we called workflow filters. The 
>> specs are still in design phase as we don't want to create a whole separate 
>> programming language for this. Eric is particularly interested in this 
>> still (we wants to auto tag documents based on OCR content) so this will 
>> get done as soon as we figure out the design.
>> On Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 9:13:22 AM UTC-4, Raul wrote:
>>> Hi guys,
>>> I am pretty new to Mayan EDMS.
>>> So far I have been only testing on how to install it and what hardware 
>>> would be a good match for it.
>>> I am not at a state where I have installed EDMS 3.0 and am wondering 
>>> about the following:
>>> 1.) How can I create an index of the year, month of the document date 
>>> itself?
>>> 2.) How can I set the document title so that it builds it out of for 
>>> example invoice number, date and company?
>>> 3.) How can I create a trigger that automatically assigns tags to 
>>> documents and adds them to a special cabinet? All outgoing from keywords 
>>> that match with the OCR result.
>>> Thanks for your help :)


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